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Las Lomas Oral is an independent, non profit school that provides educational services to children with hearing loss, from birth to early elementary years. Our goal is for the children to mainstream into schools with their hearing age schoolmates as soon as they have acquired the skills to compete successfully.


What is Las Lomas Oral?

Our Education Programs include children from birth to 3 years plus Kinder Garden and Primary School. Each of the children is served by a professional staff. Our goal is to give this opportunity to every deaf child that knocks our door, no matter their socio economic background. At present, 45% of our pupils benefits through the generosity of individuals, corporations and community organizations.

Who is it for?

Why do we need your help?

Las Lomas Oral works by donations from individuals and companies, allowing us to offer a personalized education for every child to learn to listen and to speak. None of this would be possible without the donations of many.

If you live overseas, you can donate by clicking